Why us?

In a rising competition, price is not always the determining factor for clients to choose a product or service, thus at Pancrop Supplies & Services we are branded by our 4 codes of conducts extinguishing us from all competitors in the industry.

Health & Safety

Pancrop Supplies & Services believes in delivering a high-quality service to its clients with a Safety-First culture that does not expose the safety of employees and the community we operate in. Strict Health and Safety policies, procedures, systems and regular audits ensure that our employees service facilities safely.

Quality Management

At Pancrop Supplies & Services we maintain high quality through regular monitoring and coaching, in addition to the quality control manuals that we implement in all our operations, our job is dictated by procedures and policies implemented in the day to day work of our staff. We are proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified, for cleaning services and Trading.

Training & Development

Pancrop Supplies & Services is the first company implementing training policies following the British Institutes of Cleaning with full comprehensive training modules for all staff involved in the operation at our clients facilities.

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

At Pancrop Supplies & Services, we are committed to excellence and we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability in a challenging trade and service market. We are driven by our desire to be better citizens and to create change, positive change in our communities by supporting and implementing responsibly sustainable performance
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  1. Source ethically and sustainably and trade with responsibly produced and manufactured products.
  2. To positively affect the communities where we operate by creating job opportunities and implementing training and education.
  3. To minimize our environmental footprint by promoting recycled products and implementing proper waste management procedures in all our servicing operations.
  4. To prioritize our corporate social responsibility over financial performance by implementing the following:

a. Not to use forced labor
b. To pay the minimum wage in the country of operation
c. To create safe and hygienic working conditions in all our operations
d. Not to use child labor
e. Not to practice discrimination in any of its forms
f. To comply with local employment regulations in all our operations