Supply Chain

Pancrop Supplies & Services supply Division develops distribution rights for the promotion of cleaning supplies including tools and machinery

made in Turkey, and cleaning detergents made in United Arab Emirates. The division is extensively importing latex products

including disposable latex and nitrile gloves for wholesale distribution.

Under it’s trading unit, Pancrop Supplies & Services handles the supplying and exporting of humanitarian aid and life support products to United Nations and different NGO’s in several African countries.

cleaning machinery, cleaning tools, Toilet and paper products, Cleaning chemicals, soap and liquid, soap products, Tissue papper and liquid dispensers
Security boots, Uniforms and vests, Labor boots, Rain boots, Heavy duty gloves, Face masks, Helmets
Paper products, Stationery, Heavy duty shredders, office organization products
Gym equipment, Board games, Sports items, Sports clothes
beds, bedding items, Mattress, Glass products, Furniture, Accessories, Wooden products & accessories
Printing of booklets and leaflets, Printing of stickers, Printing of garments, Magnetic products, Flags, Shoulder patches, Berets
Constructions machinery, Pipes, Bricks, Plumbing materials, MDF boards, Sand and gravel
Poulty products, Raw materials, Canned food, Frozen food
Electrical cables, AC DC cables, Circuit breakers, Switch boards, Electrical kits, Electrical tools, Lighting equipment, Distribution panel
Fiber Optics cables, Accessories, Media converters, Computers and screens, ID cards, ID printers, IT equipment spare parts, GIS equipment, External data storage, video conferencing lights and products, Modern Fiber Optics, Tablets and smartphones, Cameras, Projectors
Ovens and kettles, Refrigerator, Water dispensers, Fans, Vaccum cleaner, Dispensers, Exhaust fans, Cofee makers, Microwaves, Kitchenware, Kitchen utensils, AC and AC spare parts